Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Big Boy!

I know I know.... it's been FOREVER since I have written anything... but life has just been moving so fast and our little man is just growing up. It's crazy to think I haven't been working for the last 6 almost 7 months and it still feels like I am just taking a break. It hasn't set in that I am not going back and that this whole stay at home mom thing is my new life. I mean really what do I do with my days.... I soak up this little man every second of every day is what I do!! I don't even realize how lucky I am sometimes that I get to enjoy this time with him. A normal day for us looks a little like this right now.....

7:30am- Grayden wakes about this time most days :)
8am-After a little diaper change, we let cooter out, go downstairs, nurse, he plays while momma drinks her coffee and maybe catches up on her trashy TV shows that are DVRed.
9am- Grayden goes down for nap. The days that I am productive I get housework done, otherwise I use this time to get myself ready if we are going somewhere.
10:30am- Grayden is usually awake by now. He gets some breakfast bananas, pears, applesauce etc. Another diaper change then he gets dressed for the day.
11am- Nurse 
Between 11:30-1:30pm is usually when we run our errands.
1:30pm-2pm-  Back home...Nurse then Grayden goes down for nap. These days I never know how long this one is going to last, but at least 45min
3pm- Usually getting an idea of what to make for dinner.
3:30pm- Daddy is home :) We are always so happy to see DaDa!! (I know DaDa is going to be Grayden's first word)
4:30pm- Nurse
5-6pm- We are cooking dinner or hopefully eating dinner by this time.
6:30pm- Daddy feeds Grayden his dinner peas, carrots, green beans, sweet potatoes ect.
7pm- Playtime in the diaper :) Our favorite time of day. We always sit downstairs with Grayden and let him play in his diaper before his bedtime.
7:30pm- Bath, lotion, fresh diaper, book, pjs, boob and bed!!! 
8pm- Grayden is usually lights out by this time. This is my favorite also because this is one thing that I feel confident about is his bedtime. He really does go to sleep great.
8:30pm-10pm- Mom and Dad time so nice to have this time once Grayden goes to bed. To be honest Jeff usually heads downstairs to watch TV and I go to bed and read or Blog! 
4-5am- Nurse (hoping this will stop sometime)

Then the day starts over again :) 

 I know it doesn't sound like much and I should have more time to update this thing, but days are just passing me by. We have already been camping twice this summer, we have a new roof, lots of mom club play dates, Grayden's new cousin Emery was born, planted our garden, county fair coming up, and a trip to california to meet Emery coming up :) We can not wait. 

Look at that Face!!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

My Very 1st Mother's Day!!

I hope all the Momma's had a very special Mother's Day yesterday! Mine was very special. I woke up to little notes from Grayden and Daddy all over Grayden's crib...

We also had brunch at Eola Hill's with Jeff's mom Margie and husband Mike, his daughter Shannon and her husband and kiddos. It was wonderful. They seriously have the best brunch and I have been looking forward to it ever since I became a Mommy!! :) There fried oysters are the best! yummmo

Grayden did so good. He was a perfect angel the whole time, just as I pictured it would be. I just love my little boy so much. I was kind of emotional yesterday. I told Jeff that this is my new favorite holiday! :) Way better than my birthday. I just love being Grayden's Mommy. I really love him with my whole heart. He will always be my first, my first born boy! The one who made me a Momma and gave me the most glorious moment of my entire life. I feel so lucky that God has given me this precious gift and that I have the opportunity to stay home with my little man everyday and to enjoy every second of raising him. I finally understand what Mother's Day is about celebrating and appreciating all the hard work mamas (and some single daddys) do!

My First Mother's Day Picture! :)

Some other exciting news that happened on mother's day is Jeff got me a sewing machine! YEA!! Okay not going to lie I am little nervous about it... haha I have no freaking clue how to sew or work the thing, but I am determined to learn. It may take a while for me to figure it out, but I am so happy I got one. Now we just have to finish my craft/laundry room and I can set it up. I want to be "that" mama one that can sew her little mans halloween costumes. If anything I just want to learn how to do simple stuff like burp clothes, pillow cases, curtains. I want to take a class to maybe learn some of the basics. I swear Jeff knows more about sewing than I do. Thank goodness he didn't spend too much on it. He has his doubts that I will follow through with it, but I appreciate the fact that he knows that I want to learn. As weird as it sounds I feel like it's my duty to learn to sew now that I am a mama! (Okay maybe a little sexist or old fashion) But I do feel like there are lots of things that I need to learn how to do now that I am a mommy example... sew, grow a garden, cook one good meal that I am known for, be crafty, make baby food, have a clean house, like doing laundry, always have dinner cooked and jeff's lunch packed. haha Okay the last 4 things I feel like I should do, but will probably never happen :) Speaking of which I better get back to cleaning... Grayden's Aunt Kari is coming to town this week and we are so excited to see her. 

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Nap Time!

So it's been a while... after I posted that I wanted at least update this once a week I stopped! Oops! Well I was inspired today I guess. Little man is napping. :) I love when he gets his rest because I know it makes him a happier baby.
  This is so sweet!

We had Mom's club today. Talked about boundaries with kiddos. Even though Grayden is not to the age where any of this applies yet, I love to hear all about it. I love hearing the other mom's talk about what their kids are doing and how they are teaching them respect and morals. It's very helpful and great to get a plan before we get to that stage. We also made the cutest little May Day cards! 
Who should I send them to?

I am going to keep it short today. I have lots of updating to do. I will leave you with a few more pictures.

Grayden helping Papa Larry celebrate his Birthday!

Our little dragon

Visiting Daddy at the park for lunch

Tired little Bunny!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pot Holders

Grayden and I had Mom's Club today! It was pretty fun. It was Grayden's second time in the nursery, but we left the kiddos at the church while we went downtown to the quilt shop. I am not going to lie I was really nervous about leaving him. I was even having nightmares about me leaving him with horrible babysitters. But he did great. I rushed around all morning and made sure to pump some milk for him, but I guess he didn't even need it. 

So while Grayden was relaxing with the sweet old ladies in the nursery, mom was trying to sew! Key word TRYING. Incase I forget to mention I have been really wanting to learn how to sew. I feel as if it should be a requirement of my new job SAHM and something I must learn to do as a new mommy. What if Grayden wants me to sew him a cool costume or something someday, I mean really I want to be that cool mom that can make him an original costume. 

It was the perfect setting and I was already to learn. They had the squares all cut out for us and the batting. It was perfect. I sat down at the machine and felt like I was in grade school again. I had to keep raising my hand because I totally forgot everything I learned in middle school Home Ec. It was pretty sad. Needless to say I need to keep TRYING. It wasn't horrible, but it sure wasn't pretty. I am really hoping that I can talk my wonderful husband into buying me a sewing machine for some holiday coming up. (easter, mother's day, flag day, 4th of July) Come on, one of them! So he can support yet another one of my "wish I could's" 

Don't Judge, you may be getting one for Christmas! 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

This is worth it all....

Okay I think before I get to far into this blogging thingy I need to establish why I even started this blog. To be honest, I have probably spent a good year obsessing over other people’s blogs. I loved to read what other’s had to say, see their craft projects, and their cute little kids and the fun things they planned with them. I have found so many blogs that have inspired me to want to do all sorts of stuff. For a long time I wanted to start a blog, but knew I would not come across as witty or crafty as some of these amazing woman who start some of these blogs. I had nothing to write about I felt and really who would read it anyway?

But of course after having Grayden and experiencing the joys of motherhood. I thought HEY! I can have a blog too!  No one has to read it, that shouldn’t stop me from having one.  Then came the big dilemma, what to name my blog?  I could have just done the Briscoe family, but I wanted it to be more than that, while browsing beautiful necklaces at The Vintage Pearl and Lisa Leonard.  I came across a necklace that said YOU ARE WORTH IT ALL. I loved it, but got this one instead.

It says Grayden... Don't you love it?

It really was how I felt about Grayden. All this joy, anxiety, love, learning, and fear I have of being a new mommy in the end he is worth it all. Then I began to look at my life… I have an absolutely wonderful and amazing, husband, who I am madly in love with, who I probably don’t tell often enough how lucky I feel to be married to him. I have a beautiful house that my talented husband has made into a home for our family. I have in my eyes the most perfect little boy, who is loved sooo much.  We are also very lucky to be surrounded by the best family and friends. So I thought this was it!! THIS IS WORTH IT ALL.  My life is just how I want it to be. But of course not everything is perfect and we all wish we were more crafty, smart, funny, in shape. We all have things that we think would make our life better or easier. But really when I stop thinking beyond what I want this is all I NEED. In the end this IS worth it all, I wouldn’t trade our journey for anything else.

So this blog is going to be a place for me to write and remember all the special little things that make us a family. It will be kind of like a journal that I hope I will make time for at least once a week if not more. That way we can look back at all our memories. I hope to still be inspired by other Mom’s blogs. So my dreams of becoming more crafty and witty will come true, but in the meantime I am going to try my very best everyday to be the best Mommy to Grayden and the best wife to his Daddy. 

Our weekend...

I figured I needed to update from what we did last weekend means it's already Thursday tomorrow. Little late I know. Friday Jeff's Grandpa came to visit, so that would make it Grayden's Great Grandpa Foster and his wife Mindy. They live in Bend and made a quick trip to the Valley to see us, Uncle Bob and his sister Carol. I think he thought Grayden was pretty special and I think Grayden liked meeting him too!

What do you think??

Just missing Grandma Gi Gi and we would have had 4 generations.

Saturday we went out to lunch with some friends in corvallis that was a lot of fun. Our friend's have a 14 month old so it was fun to see what we have in store for us next year. Let's just say when going out to lunch, you better tip your waitress extra. :) On our way back home we stopped by Grandma Gi Gi's so she could get her Grayden fix too! 

I think someone LOVES Grayden!

As for Sunday we just spent time together as our little family. We went to Garlands Nursery to browse vegetable seeds and trees. We are going to plant a vegetable garden this year, so we were just checking it out and getting ideas for things we wanted to plant. We will probably get started this Mother's Day! Which I might add I am so looking forward to. 

Love his Monkey Shirt!

We took a Sunday afternoon nap. Momma was tired.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pay It Forward

A few things that excite me right now are bath and body works new soaps!! LOVE them. They smell sooo good. 

I have Mom's club today. I am looking forward to it. They are going to be serving us some yummy coffee this morning. We will see how it goes. I can't wait to tell one of the other mom's that the pacifier she suggested works!! Grayden can actually keep it in his mouth! I am hoping Grayden is in a good mood this morning because he didn't sleep through the night again, but he is learning.

This is my baby passed out right now!

Last but not least yesterday when I went to the mall to buy my yummy soaps I also went and got lunch at big town hero. I had $7 dollars on me so I ordered a sandwich for me and my mom. I moved to the other line to pick up my sandwich, but then got back in line to order because I was SO thirsty. I think I forget I need to drink a lot of water while breastfeeding. Anyways I was standing in line and thinking to myself I have no money to buy a water so hopefully they will give me a cup for free, but then for some reason I just thought forget about it, so I moved back to wait in line for my sandwich. Then there was this nice lady behind me that asked if I was going to order and I said oh no I was just going to get a water then changed my mind. I smiled and turned the other way. Then 2 minutes later this nice lady handed me a bottle of water. I smiled and said omgosh thank you!! I didn't even think at first how nice it was because I opened it right away and started chugging because I was still SO thirsty and man that was the best water ever. I stopped and thanked her again and said thank you so much I would pay you, but I don't have any cash on me. The nice lady just said no problem then walked off with her cup of water and coffee.

It was just a reminder that there still are nice people out there and reminded me that I need to Pay It Forward sometime this week. Which means I need to do some sort of random act of kindness for someone else. It's a chain and those type of people remind you that you need to be that kind of person also. So remember to Pay It Forward.